Are you CV Fit?

Do you need a personal trainer to help you work

it out and get your CV into shape?

Student… ready to wow prospective employers?
Seeking a special graduation gift?
Career crossroads and need to dust off your CV?

It can be very therapeutic to talk to a trusted expert if you’ve not had to prepare a CV for many years.  Targeting the job market or preparation for a particular interview, my goal is to empower people to find jobs where they will be successful and that they will find personally rewarding.

I’m not anonymous and I spend the time to get to know you and your aspirations before getting to work on your CV.  I want to ensure that it reflects the real you and to focus on your core strengths in the most compelling and powerful way.

I will equip you with a lean, flexible and modern profile to make sure you are fully fit to hit the job market.  Your CV will also be delivered with a guide of practical hints and tips to enable you to adapt your CV as you grow in your life and career.

 In addition to the CV Builder, the following separate modules can be added to further enhance your career support pack .



For Students 

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I engaged Stella to help make my CV and Linked In page more attractive to potential employers and to provide support with job search and interview techniques. Her excellent work has paid dividends and I’ve been offered an exciting new opportunity within 2 weeks of going live. I can highly recommend her for all things HR.
Barry Glanfield,, Procurement Specialist
I went to Stella for advice and help with my CV and Interview preparation as I was looking for new employment. After taking on board all of Stella’s tips and completely reconstructing my CV I was in disbelief of the response I received from employers.

Stella was approachable, easy to understand and full of great helpful tips that I packed in to preparation for an interview. Within 3 days of putting my new CV format out to employers I was asked for interview and started the new role the day after.

Stella filled me with confidence that enabled me to project this at interview. I couldn’t recommend her enough if you wanted fast results with great advice.

Sophia Percival, Sales Office Supervisor

“Hey Stella

This is great! Don’t recognise myself and by that I mean, it is me but with a massive shot of confidence! Just what I needed.  Applied for two more roles this morning with my new CV. Feel much more confident in applying for the right level of role now…. Thank you again and I’ve actually got an interview week after next! “

Anon , HR ManagerApril 2019
I am most grateful to Stella for completely revamping my 7 page CV (!). I now have a highly professional and impressive looking 2 page CV, in which Stella has highlighted my key skills and attributes. Having recently changed jobs, I sent out my new CV with job applications and I know that the CV, as well as my completed applications helped secure interviews for all of the jobs that I applied for.

Should I change jobs again, I am thankful to have such an excellent CV template to update and adapt myself, thanks to Stella’s hard work, knowledge and experience! Thank You!

Lorraine Rose, Park Ranger, Parks and Leisure Services, Guildford Borough Council