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Are you Breaking the News?

By |2021-10-26T12:45:08+01:00October 26th, 2021|Furloughed workers, Job at Risk, Redundancy|

With the Furlough scheme ending in September, if you are considering breaking the news about proposed redundancy, then hopefully, you’re already preparing for the process, but just a few reminders: Prepare, know what you are going to say, practice your script and stick to it Think about the environment, time of day, can [...]


By |2021-04-28T20:16:45+01:00April 14th, 2021|CV Advice, Interview Tips|

Just like going into an exam, feel confident that you can answer any question that is thrown at you. Get into the habit of collecting your thoughts before speaking, you will feel more confident about your answers and less likely to ramble.  Speak more slowly than you would normally and practice with someone [...]